Hi dear

Please follow the steps below to measure your body data. And select the most suitable size for your body / customize the products according to your measurements.

Soft ruler is the only tool you need to prepare before you begin.



Please measure your waist circumference as shown in the picture location.
With relaxed body ensures the soft ruler around the smallest point of the waist to measure.

*It is usually a few inches below the chest and a few inches above the belly button.



Finding the most convex part of your hips, and the soft ruler should at Hips highest point.

*TIPS : Please remember to relax your body completely & do not exert force.



Find the thickest part of the thigh, which will usually be about 1 inch below the base of the thigh.

You can stand with your feet parallel to each other or measure as shown

But either way, remember: relax completely & do not exert any force!



For the bust section you will need two measurements: upper bust and lower bust.

Stand more relaxed (but straight) with your feet together, face straight ahead, and jaw slightly lifted.

Place the soft ruler at the highest point of your breasts (usually the nipple) and go around your body to get the upper bust measurement.

Place the soft ruler on the lower circumference of the breast and go around the body, the resulting size is the lower bust size.